Important information about Covid-19

Our daily lives have changed, it’s true. But we all still long to travel and for a change of scenery. Having implemented our own independent security measures, we in South Tyrol are striving to offer a safe holiday experience. We’ve created more personal space for everyone, so that you’ll feel even more comfortable on your next stay. As carefree as possible. As safe as necessary!

Personal Space:

You’ll find enough space within our vast natural landscape to take a deep breath and enjoy your newly gained freedom. Recharge your batteries inside the shelter of our tranquil valleys, expansive high-alpine pastures and rugged forests. Our lodging facilities also guarantee the space you need. Reception is available anytime and may be contacted directly from the room.

Carefree Dining:

For families and those sharing the same room, wearing a mask at the table is not required. Maintenance of safe distancing at meals is guaranteed, though. Our service staff is equipped with the appropriate safety equipment. Before going to the breakfast and salad buffet, please disinfect your hands and wear a protective mask.

Flexibility – Down to the Smallest Detail:

You keep your room key with you for the entire stay. Contactless payment is recommended.

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